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Where can I get copies of old exams?

Where can I get copies of old exams?

We store copies of old exams in our office in B316.
You can contact us or just come in during our office hours.
PleaseĀ  bring some change! We charge 5c/page (same as the copying machines).

Which exams do you have?

Right now you can get copies of the following exams at our office:
LING 201

Am I allowed to make copies of my exam / Can you send a digital copy to me via email?

We’re afraid that’s not possible. The exams are the intellectual property of the teachers. The English Department has kindly allowed us to make copies of old exams for our fellow students. Each copy you pick up at our office has your name printed on it as a watermark. If a student copies an exam, we will refuse to give any further copies to this student.

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