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First Semester Students

First Semester Students

1. What do I need to study for the first semester written exam?
Compared to your average high school exam, the first semester modular exam for B.Ed. and B.A. HF is huge. It is not enough to simply attend the lectures. Reading the required books and actually processing their contents is absolutely necessary. If you prepare each lesson and do the required readings, you should be fine.

2. I’ve heard that x% fail the modular exam!
Depending on the average level of our first semester students, the failure rate ca be quite high. However, the English Department does NOT try to kick out x% of you after your first semester.
This is a rumor.

3. Why do x% fail the written exam?
This has various reasons. You have to be aware of the fact that many students start studying English because they don’t know what else to study. They often expect English to be an ‘easy’ subject and usually realize sooner or later that this is not necessarily the case. That being said, there is nothing wrong with choosing a subject without knowing what exactly awaits you. However, students often expect the exam difficulty to be far lower than it actually is.

4. Is good English important for the first semester exams?
Very important. 40% of your first semster written exam grade is language. If you fail (get a 5) in language, you will fail the whole exam. The oral exam (B.Ed. only) heavily focuses on your language. Being able to produce good, comprehensible English is a necessity.

If you need help improving your language, select “Language” from the menu.

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